In Pisoro some words are used in Our website, Platform, and everyday life. You can see a list of words and their descriptions in the table below.

# Word Description Commonly used words Image
1 Pisoro Pisoro is formed from two words "Piso" which means Dolphin in some languages and "Sorena" name. Some are saying that "ro" comes from Roxan and Zeus. Pisoro alternative
1 Piro In some languages mean follower. We say they are the companion and somehow the owner of the animals. “Pet parent,” “Mom” and “Dad”, Animal Owner alternative
2 Piso They are the human resourcs at pisoro. "Piso" means Dolphin in some languages team alternative
3 Poro We name every animal in Pisoro as Poro. Likely from Proto-Indo-Iranian, from Proto-Indo-European which means reindeer. Pet, Domestic Animal, companion animal, ... alternative
4 Soro Every person who cares about animals and somehow have some profession related to animals called "Soro". DVM, Technecion, Breeder, Pet Coach,... alternative
5 Soro Palace Every Places which are under the supervion of soros and give services to poros. Hospitals, Clinics, Shelters,... alternative